Biominas Academy is a platform for online courses and onsite training that aims at developing bio professionals in market areas. Composed by our own and third-party contents, we are always looking for partners who want to bring innovation and entrepreneurship to educational and research institutions!

Entrepreneurship is a hard task


Is not a novelty that entrepreneurship is a hard task and the challenges seem to be endless. According to a recent research from Fundação Dom Cabral, at least:

  • 50% of Brazilian startups die before their 4th anniversary.
  • 25% doesn’t even reach the first year!

And that’s not all, in Brazil the unemployment rate for masters and doctors is around a staggering 25%!

Therefore, our goal is to train researchers in skills and competences that go beyond the university to prepare them for the market.

Entrepreneurship and innovation open up new possibilities. Understand what are the determining factors of success and failure, so that students and researchers, universities and startups can stand out.

To develop businesses, we need to develop people!

For us, Biominas Academy  is much more than an online course platform. It’s also a voice, a moviment created for innovation and education.

OUR MISSION: We want to promote innovation, at a sustainable place through the entrepreneurial education of Brazilian researchers.

A platform for professional in bio

Biominas Academy is an online courses and training platform that has the main goal of developing innovation through education, and thinking about it, we bring our own and third parties content. We are in a constant search of new partners that wish to take innovation and entrepreneurship to educational and research institutions.

We help startups, universities, people and researchers that seek to challenge themselves through knowledge; that wants to make a difference in the bio/health ecosystem, through practical, objectives and exclusive content that will contribute to their personal and professional growth that will improve their business.

Do you want to evaluate the viability of your idea or research project in the marketplace?

Do you want to lead your product or service to the marketplace?

Do you want to learn how to structure your new business?

Do you want to develop new abilities and competencies to highlight in the marketplace?

Do you want to learn new abilities? Check out our courses available:

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