List of 50 outstanding startup...

Myleus, incubated at Habitat, is in the list of 50 outstanding startups in Latin America. The World Economic Forum (WEF) ...

Por: Biominas Brasil / 06 Mar 2018

“Seismic shifts” in the pharma...

I received last week a great study published in January/2017 by KPMG entitled “Pharma Outlook 2030: From evolution to

Por: Biominas Brasil / 06 Apr 2017

Clinical Engineering – technol...

By Laura Lunardi, Technical Analyst of Biominas Brasil and Thiago Bajur, Executive Manager of Arkmeds. Few people know

Por: Biominas Brasil / 09 Aug 2016

Interview: Startup PSI

PSI Immunology is a Platform of Immunological Solutions to develop products and processes to replace or reduce the use o ...

Por: Biominas Brasil / 29 Jun 2016

HABITAT Goes Global

By Rafael Silva, Project Analyst of Habitat.   “Think global and act local” is a motto that has influenced

Por: Biominas Brasil / 06 Dec 2013

The Cradle of Bioscience Start...

Created in 1997 by Biominas Brasil, a biobusiness company based in the state of Minas Gerais, the incubator Habitat prov ...

Por: Biominas Brasil / 15 Jun 2012

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