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Jun 2022

Por:Jhonnatan Klarosk
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I am sure you have already missed some appointments and you have been feeling guilty for breaking a promise of having more organization and finally being able to respect your duties. Most Brazilians face a heavy and diverse routine, forgetting to do some important obligations. Every entrepreneur and scientist has a personal life and tasks beyond work, and many of these people try their best to succeed at work by shifting all their effort towards it. 

Therefore, it is necessary to have a certain level of organization over these tasks, because some of them, if you do not have the proper attention, can be left aside without you noticing. To avoid major losses, some organization platforms offer free plans (with paid upgrade options) that can serve both personal and cooperative means. Check out the list below:


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Trello is a well-known app among lovers of agenda organizers. Its interface can be a bit confusing at first, given its wide range of programming possibilities, but it becomes very functional when you learn how to use it.


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Asana is the beloved platform of companies that are seeking for   space in the labor market, due to its wide offer of services in the free plan and the possibility of creating projects and teams, which greatly facilitate mobile coworking.


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Notion goes beyond an organization platform, it is a Workspace that adapts to the user’s needs to be fully customizable. It is ideal for concentrating tools, becoming a way of increasing organization and productivity. It can be useful both in the organization of personal life, as well as in the management of knowledge and team. 

Google Agenda e Keep

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These services are widely used in various corporations, especially those that use many virtual systems. Due to their large integration capacity, accessibility, and broad knowledge of the general public, they are seen as essential tools.


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Much like Asana, Todoist is an application with an easy-to-learn interface. Your strong point is keeping track of daily tasks, like a little schedule that reminds you of every step you take in your day.


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Airtable is a widely used cloud service for storing files linked to a calendar. This application has an immense versatility, possessing integrations between tables and cell programming, as a spreadsheet ordered in date and time.


A good organization is the main key to the success of any project, whether research or startup. Do you feel the necessity of learning how to organize your team or how to reconcile your work with your personal life? Biominas offers content that teaches you how to organize your project through the BioStartup Academy course! Do not let this opportunity go away and minimize your mistakes by forgetting your tasks.

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