We are pleased to announce our Presenting Companies* for BIO Latin America

  • AbbVie
  • Biomm
  • Bluepharma
  • Celgene
  • Cempra
  • CENTEV/Tecnoparq
  • DNDi
  • Farmacore
  • GC2
  • GEA Westfalia
  • INDI
  • Inova Biotecnologia
  • Keclon
  • Laboratorio Horian (TBC)
  • Libbs
  • Neovacs
  • Novasep
  • Rheabiotec
  • Richard Tech Services
  • Thermo Fischer (TBC)
  • Torreya
  • Zoetis

BIO Latin America will also showcase presentations from 10 Brazilian TTOs highly intensive in biotech technologies (sponsored by MDIC/ABDI) and 10 Company Presentations delivered by innovative SMEs from the Brazilian State of Minas Gerais (sponsored by Sebrae Minas).

Not presenting? Unparalleled networking allows you to develop quality relationships with senior management of other companies, foster cross-border alliances and gain visibility among government officials.

If you would like information regarding travel requirements to Brazil, including an invitation letter to obtain a Visa, please click here.

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*As of August 7, 2014