Project summary

MYLEUS Biotechnology works with identification of species using DNA tests in order to validate products of animal and plant origin. The tests can be applied throughout the whole production chain. Its high sensitivity allows the analysis of processed or mischaracterized products, such as cheese, sausages, plant-based raw material and wood. MYLEUS is a part of the HABITAT, business incubation program managed by Biominas Brasil and is invested by FUNDEPAR Participações S.A.

Incubator’s support

At HABITAT Business Incubation, MYLEUS has found physical and technological infrastructure for setting up its laboratory; has been oriented by the program’s distinctive methodology for planning, monitoring and qualifying (courses and advising) focused on five concentrations: entrepreneur, technology, market, management and capital; and has access to mentoring and to a vast business network.


  • Construction of its own laboratory;
  • Launching services in new market segments;
  • Expansion of the team;
  • Obtaining financial resources from public agencies.

“Through events, Habitat put us in touch with a huge number people and institutions that may support us and create value to our business.”