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The proposing of effective actions to stimulate various sectors by the public sector and other institutions usually is hindered by two problems; lack of detailed knowledge of the sector and the means to reach all the involved stakeholders. As an institution specialized in life sciences, a Biominas Brasil is an ideal partner to overcome these barriers.



Through its specialized and experienced team, Biominas Brasil offers services exclusively focused on life sciences and has the purpose of promoting public policies and initiatives for the purpose of stimulating entrepreneurship, innovation and business development.

  • Business environment analysis (landscape business)
  • Development and management of support programs
  • Study development
  • Business mapping
  • Seminars and training
  • Business incubator support


The studies developed by Biominas Brasil are a valuable source of information, for both domestic and international stakeholders involved in the life sciences. Because they employ international concepts these studies have become a reference in both Brazil and outside the country. The Biominas Brasil team may be contracted for the development of studies focused on specific regions or sub-sectors, expanding the horizons of shared knowledge.

Project Management

Project Management

The Biominas portfolio incorporates its experience in operating as an executor and decentralizing agent for financing and economic subsidy programs. The results obtained and the longstanding status of some of the partnerships reinforces the attributes of Biominas Brasil as a strategic partner in project management.



The events organized by Biominas Brasil create opportunities for the exchange of experiences and the establishment of contact between the main domestic and international stakeholders in the life sciences sector. It is one way of stimulating the development of the sector and to open opportunities in new markets for companies and entrepreneurs.

Idea Acceleration

Idea Acceleration

BioStartupLab, an initiative of Biominas Brasil and Sebrae Minas, seeks to promote the creation of innovative business ideas and accelerate the emergence of startups in the life sciences industry. It is, therefore, an strategy to strengthen this sector in Brazil.

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Acceleration of Startups

Acceleration of Startups

GroWbio acts in the intersection between startups, investors and large companies, seeking for the construction of strategic connections that will accelerate the evolution of new businesses in the life sciences area. Through this initiative, Biominas Brasil invests all its experience, knowledge and networking in startups that aim to transform the sector with new technologies and new market opportunities.



studies innovation published about the sector
years of experience in project management
guidebooks on innovation published about the sector
business events organized
+ 3500
participants from 36 countries in the events
+ 10
years of experience in specialized consultancy

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"We were very satisfied with the event [BioPartnering Latin America 2013] and with the implementation of our activities of international cooperation [EU-Brazil Cluster Collaboration]. We look forward to a repeat in the future! MDIC
"I am writing to congratulate you for the excellent organization, mobilization of audience, and discussion of strategic themes for the BLA 2014. ABDI
"The EU delegates were really satisfied by their participation [in the BioPartnering Latin America 2013] and they have underlined during our internal briefing session the perfect organization and the high quality of the meetings. Fondation Sophia Antipolis


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“Practical Guide for Pharmaceutical Innovation” and “Cafés Biotec Farma”

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