In its 30 years of experience in the Biotechnology and Life Sciences sector, Biominas Brasil has built a robust network of relationships, connecting the main interfaces of the ecosystem: large companies, startups and universities. We believe that effective collaborations have the potential to maximize strengths, fill gaps and create market value. Seeking to strengthen this ecosystem, we present our portfolio of startups in life sciences!

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Gold Analisa Diagnóstica

Biotechnology company focused on manufacturing chemical reagents.

Adarna Health Data

We develop solutions to improve decision-making in healthcare by crossing data (RWD) from multiple sources and applying cutting-edge technologies such as Big Data, Machine Learning, and A.I.

ADWA Cannabis

Cannabis genetic improvement for medical and industrial purposes and software to reduce costs, increase productivity and quality of the final product.

Ambra Saúde

Ambra Saúde is a technology company specialized in the management, transmission, and storage of medical images in the cloud.


AMPLIGENIX manufactures and markets biotechnological products in general. They produce molecular biology kits for human, veterinary, or plant analyses.


Biobreyer is a Biotechnology company whose main objective is the development of superior biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of childhood leukemia.


Biopolix is a biotechnology startup. We develop biomaterials from renewable sources and up to 100% biodegradable to reduce environmental pollution.


Research group on molecular methods for the detection of golden mussels in hydroelectric power plants.


Our goal is to revolutionize the way you treat chronic illnesses through a new platform for delivering supplies to the food industry. Your future is our way of life.

Easy Cell

Easy Cell is a veterinary laboratory that cultivates stem cells for the treatment of numerous types of lesions in cartilage, nervous and bone tissue. Their focus currently rests on injured horses.


We work to improve medical skills in surgical procedures through a 100% biological model.


We are the first clinical analysis laboratory focused on rapid and remote testing. Our mission is to democratize and humanize access to healthcare in Brazil.

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