Cataract is the progressive opacification of the lens, the natural lens of the eye that interferes with the absorption of light that reaches the retina, causing a progressively blurred vision. The only treatment for cataract is the surgical one that aims to replace the opacified crystalline lens with an artificial lens that will recover lost function.

Within the presented scenario is Invision, a startup installed in the dependencies of the Habitat Incubator managed by the Biominas Foundation in the city of Belo Horizonte.

The company has today in its portfolio a line of disposable and instrumental scalpels for implanting intraocular lenses and since the beginning of its industrial activities in 2016 Invision has been positioning itself as an excellent supply option for the market of inputs ophthalmologists, at all times meeting all the requirements required by the regulatory bodies.

CONTACT: (31) 3487-0518 | contact@invision.com.br

SITE: www.invision.com.br


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