Laudo à Distância

We are a telemedicine company operating for 10 years in the telereport market for complementary exams, focusing on the Occupational Medicine market.

We performed electroencephalogram, electrocardiogram, spirometry, ILO standard chest X-ray, MAPA, Holter and Brain mapping reports.

We offer our clients exam demand management, connecting them with our medical team.

Our doctors are specialists and carry out the reports according to their area of expertise, through our web system www.laudoadistancia.com.br.

In addition to occupational medicine companies, we work with hospitals, specialty clinics, city halls, health plans, unions and local authorities.

We seek partnerships with companies and healthcare professionals who would like to offer their services to the occupational medicine market.

CONTACT: contato@laudoadistancia.com.br | arlenbonfa@laudoadistancia.com.br | +55 (31) 3889-4574 | +55 (31) 99117-1004

WEBSITE: www.laudoadistancia.com.br



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