PedFarma is a startup created by curious young people who believe that technology and innovation can change the world. We want to empower pharmacies through technology, so that they can provide better conditions and better service to consumers.

In a short time on the market, we created two solutions: PedFarma App and PedBot. Using advanced technology and focused on the customer, we took these solutions to hundreds of pharmacies spread across 23 Brazilian states and we managed to enable millions of people to find the right pharmacy and have a personalized service.

The further we go, the more we believe that it’s not just about technologies or pharmacies, but about improving people’s lives and that’s why we fight!


CONTACT: +55 (14) 99651-1348

WEBSITE: www.pedbot.net | www.pedfarma.com.br

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    Av. José Cândido da Silveira, 2100 - Horto, Belo Horizonte - MG, 31035 - 536

    +55 (31) 3303-0000