Recombine Biotech

Recombine Biotech works to develop new solutions based on recombinant technology for human and animal health. Through our own platform we develop solutions in diagnostics, vaccines and drugs. In the diagnostics line, the company is developing rapid tests for canine and human leishmaniasis, canine and human leptospirosis and Covid-19.

Recombine also has a co-development project for a vaccine for the veterinary industry and a vaccine project against canine leishmaniasis. In the line of drugs, we have a project to develop a neutralizing molecule against Covid-19 that has shown promise and is in the testing phase. We also have a line of development of canine and human antimetastatics, which are target drugs aimed at blocking kinases related to metastases. All these projects are in the fundraising phase.


CONTACT: recombinebiotech@gmail.com



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