Our startup performs genetic tests of different types (CGH-array and exome and genome sequencing) that are done with the best technologies and in a complete way. Our analyzes are based on the genetic approach obtained in the examination with a view to the patient’s clinical condition, in order to produce a detailed report using our technology platform (GENIOO) associated with a data analysis curatorship, also counting on pharmacogenomic analysis, aiming to offer effective results to improve the patient’s quality of life.

Improving the quality of life and well-being of patients and their families is the focus of most healthcare institutions. Bringing innovation and science to everyday life using genetic tests as tools to aid in diagnosis, identifying the causes and also helping in therapeutic perspectives as well as in risk assessment and our purpose.

It should be noted that Tismoo is not a genetic sequencing laboratory, but a company that sees personalized medicine as a great ally for people with autism spectrum disorder who, as the name says, are different people and need a look and individualized service according to their characteristics and needs.


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