Project summary

Interfarma is a non-profit organization representing companies and researchers who seek to promote and encourage, through innovation, the development of scientific and technological research in industries devoted to manufacture of healthcare products, pharmaceuticals and raw materials in Brazil. From Bench to Market – Practical Guide for Pharmaceutical Innovation and Cafés Biotec Farma were initiatives developed by Biominas Brasil in partnership with Interfarma, in order to promote innovation in Life Science sector in the country.


  • From Bench to Market – Practical Guide for Pharmaceutical Innovation is an important instrument for those interested in innovation on pharmaceutical industry, assisting researchers, companies and potential partners, from Life Science sector, to develop their projects. The guide presents the main aspects of innovation process on pharmaceutical industry, discussing the strategies, models and partnerships.
  • The Cafés Biotec Farma, conducted to discuss relevant topics in the context of biotechnology innovation, were performed in several cities in Brazil – São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Belo Horizonte – between 2009 and 2012. These meetings brought together 350 participants in these cities, promoting interaction and opportunity for dialogues between institutions dedicated to research and development in healthcare sector in Brazil such as biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical industries, universities and research centers.