Micro-enterprises and Small Companies

Partnership is a key word for micro-enterprises and small companies, whether with startups, research centers and larger companies. Through its services, Biominas Brasil is a bridge to connect you to these stakeholders.



If your micro-enterprise or small company has a promising project with market potential, seek the Habitat Incubator, an advantageous environment not only due to its physical infrastructure, but also because of its entrepreneurial training and networking.

Project Management

Project Management

Biominas Brasil is one of the entities executing Sebraetec since 1999, a SEBRAE program that subsidizes technological consulting services to micro-enterprises and small companies.

Pre-acceleration of Startups

Pre-acceleration of Startups

To gather engaged individuals, to provide an environment that stimulates the flourishing of ideas and obtain as a result, well-structured business models. Discover how your new ideas can be developed with the help of BioStartup Lab, an initiative of Biominas Brasil and Sebrae Minas.

Bring your ideas!
Acceleration of Startups

Acceleration of Startups

Through GroWbio, we invest all our energy [experience + knowledge + networking] in startups that already have a validated business model, and need to accelerate its execution by the formation of strategic links with large companies, investors and stakeholders.



Due to the erroneous impression that consultancy is an expensive service geared to large companies only, MPEs lose significant opportunities. Biominas Brasil offers customized solutions compatible with the financial situation and the development stage of each business:

  • Market and business landscape analysis
  • Technical, economic and commercial feasibility studies (EVTEC)
  • Analysis of freedom to operate in Brazil
  • Regulatory analysis (specific legislation, step-by-step, costs and deadlines)
  • Patent potential assessment
  • Fundraising
  • Innovation management
  • Identification and analysis of potential partners
  • Business plan and strategic planning
  • Technology valuation and support in technology transfer process


By promoting domestic and international events Biominas Brasil provides the opportunity to maintain contact with the main stakeholders in the life sciences sector. This can be your company’s doorway into Latin America.



Sector studies that assist the micro-enterprise and small business person to comprehend the life sciences market and access trends and opportunities.



projects supported by the incubator HABITAT
companies supported through the raising of capital and management of financial resources
+ 10
years experience in specialized consultancy
22 business events organized
+ 3500
participants from 36 countries in the events
companies with investment and financing from IDB

What our customers say about us

"The HABITAT [team] realized the potential of the products developed by Vida [Biotechnology] and its infrastructure was immensely helpful for the launching on the market Vida Biotecnologia
"Biominas has been an excellent supporter both in terms of guidance for raising capital and management of the resources of the economic subvention such as the one from Sebraetec. The entire process, from the proposal to the rendering of accounts, has been very fast and practical, which encourages us to participate in this type of initiative which promotes innovation. EDETEC – Company supported by SEBRAETEC
"Personally, I have considered this event [the BioPartnering Latin America 2013] as the most interesting and useful partnering event I ever attended, since the organization was remarkable and the proactivity of participants was outstanding. I could also feel the enthusiasm of the organizers, the European Commission delegates and other participants, that at the end is also contagious, and made this initiative really worth it. Labceutics
"[BioPartnering Latin America 2013] was excellent in all regards! Including the introduction part, good business contacts and excellent social interaction. Congratulations! CCBR Brasil
"For our company, the event [BioPartnering Latin America 2011] was a true watershed. Neoprospecta
"Congratulations for the quality, structuring of the program content and organization of this event [BioPartnering Latin America 2011]. Prodimol


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Business Incubation

Part of Habitat, business incubation program managed by Biominas

Business Incubation

Part of Habitat, business incubation program managed by Biominas

Regulatory analysis

Detailed information of the Brazilian regulatory environment

Strategic Planning

Implementation plan and entry strategy in the Brazilian market

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