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Biominas provides all necessary support to start-ups

A sound business starts with a good idea, but you need Biominas Brasil to make it happen. We can help you answer many questions. Check as follows exactly how Biominas Brasil will help you.

Pre-acceleration of Startups

Pre-acceleration of Startups

If you have an innovative idea or want to join someone who has, be sure to visit and participate in the BioStartup Lab, the newest initiative of Biominas Brasil and Sebrae Minas.

I have several ideas!
Acceleration of Startups

Acceleration of Startups

And if you count on all Biominas Brasil’ energy [experience + knowledge + networking] to accelerate the evolution of your startup? GroWbio is focused in accelerating startups in growth stage, which already have a validated business model.



How about facing all the challenges for a new business in the life science sector in a sharing and cooperating environment that provides quality infrastructure, guidance for regulatory matters, enterprising qualification and monitoring?

Project Management

Project Management

With more than two decades of experience, a highly qualified team, a professional management methodology and liaison with public investment programs, Biominas Brasil provides technical and financial management services.



There is no magic formula to ensure the success of an enterprise, but there are some basic steps to put an enterprise on the right track. Biominas Brasil team knows the path all too well and is willing to share it by means of innovation studies and guides, available for download at no cost.



If you think that a consulting company is useful only for projects and enterprises that are in difficulty, think again. The consulting work is related to access to opportunities, such as:

  • Market and Business Environment Analysis (landscape business)
  • Technical, Economic and Commercial Feasibility Studies (EVTEC)
  • Project Technical Feasibility Analysis (due diligence)
  • Regulatory analysis (specific laws, step-by-step, costs and deadlines)
  • Freedom to operate in Brazil Analysis
  • Patentability Assessment
  • Fund Raising
  • Identification and analysis of potential partners
  • Business Model, Strategic Planning and Business Plan
  • Support in technology transfer process and Technology Valuation


Through internationally recognized events, Biominas Brasil provides an excellent chance for network building and the establishment of strategic partnerships to leverage your startup or research project.



+ 1300
technologies analyzed
startups boosted by biostartup lab
companies supported through the raising of capital and management of financial resources
studies / innovation guidebooks published about the sector
+ 3500
participants in the business events that were organized by HABITAT
89 %
is the success rate of companies supported by HABITAT

What our customers say about us

"HABITAT [an incubator managed by Biominas Brasil], its networking, its team and the reputation of its administrator have been key pieces in the transformation of our project from a research study into a company. There is no doubt that the incubator is one of the best things that has happened for Cybergia. Cybergia
"CellSeq is a very young company, and BIO Latin América was our first opportunity to interact with other companies from the industry. BIO also helped us to overcome the barriers of contact with relevant people from other companies in the sector and generated productive dialogues with strategic people, as well as real possibilities of future contracts. All this in a very short period of time. It was a unique experience, extremely intense and enriching. CellSeq
"The TIC forum [organized by Biominas] provided a unique opportunity. At first glance, it made it possible to introduce the university and some business opportunities to several national and international companies, but beyond that, it also facilitated greater interaction among the TICs, both from the standpoint of complementary technologies as well as best TIC practices. Inova Unicamp (TIC of the State University of Campinas)


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Business Incubation

Part of the Habitat and invested by Fundepar

Business Incubation

Part of Habitat, business incubation program managed by Biominas

Strategic Planning

Support for business structuring and developing

Strategic planning

Strategies to leverage the company’s growth

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