Adarna Health Data

We are a company with the purpose of improving the quality of patients’ lives and their families through solutions focused on the healthcare sector that help you make the best decisions. Adarna applies Big Data and Machine Learning technologies to Real World Data, creating models that generate insights at different moments in the patient’s journey.

We have 3 main lines of business: a) intelligently prepare real world information so that our customers can make the best use of that information; b) we develop big data solutions and create machine learning algorithms in order to generate actionable insights that improve the quality and speed of decision making; and c) we develop partnerships with researchers and/or companies to create algorithms on demand.

You can be sure of having the right insight with the right information with Adarna, simply and quickly, focusing on the opportunity or problem solving and not wasting time on analysis.


CONTACT: fsanta@adarnahd.com

WEBSITE: www.adarnahealthdata.com


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