Biominas brings a new concept of innovation HUB different from all the others that already exists in Brazil. We focus our work on attending the innovation demands of bio projects and companies, while offering an environment of collaborative connections at our HUB and with other players in the ecosystem.

The Biominas HUB expands the activities of Habitat, a market leader bio-incubator for over 20 years (see case), incorporating new players, infrastructure, training and services.

The categories of participation depends on the stage of development and the interests of each business. Entrepreneurs and scientists can use our co-shared labs, coworking space and private rooms. We also offer several specialized services relying on the expertise of our team, in addition to networking events and training.


Ideal for innovative projects and startups looking to connect in a collaborative environment, which accelerates the development of their solutions.

Private room

Meet the demands of startups and companies in the final stages of development and production on a pilot scale (Scale-ups).


Remote participation at Biominas HUB, aimed at startups looking for growth through connections and personalized services.


Opportunity for large and medium-sized companies with open innovation initiatives, seeking connections with startups and innovative projects.





Access to co-shared R&D laboratories, cold rooms, sterilization rooms and the warehouses.

Collaboration network

Strong connection with other startups, resident companies and Biominas’s team, providing the generation of innovative ideas and solutions.


Business opportunities based on challenges launched by large and medium-sized companies interested in the Sponsor category .


Access to a network of qualified mentors from companies, startups and/or universities.

Virtual Library

Access to a virtual library with documents templates and diverse relevant content.


Strategic consulting with the Biominas team and selected suppliers.


Connection with investors and access to Biominas’ network of contacts.


Access to Biominas global partners.


Exclusive discounts on different services and platforms.


20% discount on Biominas Academy courses (entrepreneurial education and pre-acceleration of business in the Life Sciences sector).


All spaces at Biominas HUB are approved by regulatory agencies as ANVISA, meeting the needs of companies and lowering their entry barriers.


Courses, lectures and meetings for professional training and personal development at the Biominas HUB space and virtual. Special conditions for participation in the largest conference of innovation in the biotechnology sector in Latin America, the BIO Latin America Conference.


Biominas HUB values the personal and professional growth of our residents, offering important training for the inspiration and development of the ideas, as well as connections with different players in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem in the Life Sciences sector.

Through workshops, lectures and events, we seek to generate new business opportunities and spread knowledge in Hard Sciences.

Biominas in numbers


Best Incubator awards in Brazil


+ Incubated and Graduated Companies


+ million annual combined revenue from Biominas HUB companies (in R$)


+ Subscribers to our events and trainings

Our ecosystem

Connecting with diverse and relevant actors is proven to be one of the main success factors in the development of new life sciences businesses. For this reason, bringing together in the same space representatives who are willing to leverage business in life sciences is of paramount importance.

At Biominas HUB you have qualified access to a vibrant community made up of entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, supporters and representatives of large companies, as well as talented professionals from different areas! This density of actors will allow you to have new ideas and validate them quickly, accelerating the arrival of a new product or service to the market.



Our residents

Av. José Cândido da Silveira, 2100 - Horto, Belo Horizonte - MG, 31035 - 536

+55 (31) 3303-0000