Private room

Room options for 4, 6, 8 or 10 people. They meet the demands of innovative companies in the phase of scaling (Scale-ups), ensuring a proper area for management, research and development, production and storage of manufactured goods and/or provision of services in the area of Life Sciences.

The Biominas HUB Private Rooms are ideal for teams that need privacy, but at the same time want to be inserted an innovative environment, full of connections and networking possibilities, with free access also to our infrastructurehigh performance shared structure.

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    Biominas HUB is part of the City of Science and Knowledge, located in the Horto region in Belo Horizonte. In this complex, are housed institutions of great technical and scientific recognition, as INPI, FAPEMIG, CIT SENAI, CSEM Brazil, EPAMIG, EMBRAER, SERPRO, Natural History Museum of UFMG, among others.
    The gathering of important players from the country’s innovation and technology context enhances opportunities for integration and regional strengthening, promoting talent training and encouraging the generation and implementation of disruptive initiatives.


    Ideal for innovative projects and startups looking to connect in a collaborative environment, which accelerates the development of their solutions.


    Remote participation at Biominas HUB, aimed at startups looking for growth through connections and personalized services.


    Opportunity for large and medium-sized companies with open innovation initiatives, seeking connections with startups and innovative projects.

    Av. José Cândido da Silveira, 2100 - Horto, Belo Horizonte - MG, 31035 - 536

    +55 (31) 3303-0000