Bayer plans to invest BRL 152 million in Brazil in 2013


May 2013

Por:Biominas Brasil

Marjin Dekkers

Marijn Dekkers, global president of Bayer.

The company plans to invest in medicines and agriculture chemicals, two major business areas in Brazil.

According to an article published by O Valor, Bayer’s total revenues in Brazil for 2012 was BRL 5,7 billion or 26% more compared to 2011. The expectation for 2013 is to maintain the growth trend. Brazil is the 5th largest international market for the company and the largest in Latina America. The global CEO, Mr. Marijn Dekkers announced that the pharmaceuticals and agriculture sectors are very important lucrative business segments in Brazil since they involve science and R&D for human and agriculture products.

The CEO of the company in Brazil, Mr. Theo Van Der Loo is analyzing future acquisitions opportunities in the pharmaceutical segment, although the company is currently not involved in any current negotiations. The executive also announced the government incentive plan regarding lower taxes on pharmaceutical products migh help stimulate the investments in the Brazilian pharmaceutical industry, which currently suffers from imported API from China. “Brazil has the potential to become the 4th largest pharmaceutical global market”. – he said.


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