Itinerary Travel of the Brazilian delegation (from MDIC) for BIO International Convention


Jun 2014

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MDIC logoThe MDIC Board of Innovation (MDIC – Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade), coordinator of the Inter-Ministerial Committee for Biotechnology (CNB), organizes annually a governmental delegation to the BIO International Convention.

This year the conference is going to happen during June 23-26, in San Diego – CA, and you can see below the travel itinerary of the Brazilian delegation:


June 23rd

9h00-12h00 – Visit to Janssen Labs Research & Development (Johnson & Johnson) and Human Embryonic Stem Cell Core Facility (UCSD), Salk Institute, Scripps Research Institute

12h00-16h00 – “World Cup Viewing Party” (Hennessey’s Tavern, 708 4th Ave, San Diego)

19h15-21h00 – BIO Welcome Reception on the USS Midway


June 24th

9h00-10h15 – Meeting with Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM)

10h30-12h00 – Opening Plenary – Forum: Emerging Opportunities in Global Markets

12h00-13h30 – Keynote Luncheon: Sir Richard Branson

13h30-15h30 – Biosimilars Regulations: A Perspective from Influential Global Regulators

15h00-16h00 – Pursuing Biotechnology Patent Protection in the U.S. and Latin America

15h45-17h00 – Partners in Pharmacovigilance: Empowering Patients in Latin America

17h15 – BIO’s CEO, Jim Greenwood, will visit the brazilian pavilion.

17h00-18h30 – BIO Exhibitor Hospitality Receptions


June 25th – Brazil Day

8h00-10h00 – Brazil Bilateral Breakfast Meeting

10h15-12h00 – Brazil’s Science Without Borders Program: What is Being Done to Educate Tomorrow’s Leaders?

12h00-13h30 – Keynote Address: Hillary Hodham Clinton

13h30-14h40 – How Efficient and Transparent Clinical Trial Regulations Enhance Science, Innovation and Health Outcomes in Emerging Markets

14h50-15h50 – World Cup! – Industrial Biotech’s Elite Look to Brazil for Big Wins

16h00-17h00 – Evolution and Trends in Public Policies for Biotechnology in Brazil

18h00-20h00 – Brazil Reception (Stingaree, 454 6th Ave, San Diego)


June 26th

7h30-9h00 – Café da Manhã com Empresas Francesas (UBIFRANCE)

8h30-9h30 – Building the Bioeconomy: Examining National Biotechnology Industry Development Strategies

9h00-10h15 – Spotlight on Emerging Market Vaccine Companies: Enhancing Capabilities for Global Impact

10h00-11h30 – Super Session: The Next Big Deal: A Global Dealmaker’s Perspective

11h30-12h45 – Lunch

12h45-13h45 – Get Your WorldView On: A Special Scientific American Presentation

14h15-15h00 – Building a New Bio Industry, a Private-Public Initiative: The Case of Chile

15h30-17h00 – International Reception


June 27th

9h00-12h00 – Visit to the Eli Lilly Biotechnology Center

12h00-14h00 – Lunch

14h00-18h00 – Visit to the Human Embryonic Stem Cell Core Facility (UCSD), Salk Institute, Scripps Research Institute


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